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Seasonal FAQS

Seasonal FAQS

Q:How long is our camping season?

A: Outback Campground and Resort opens April 15th and closes October 15th.
Q: What does a seasonal cost?

A: The initial fee for 2017 new seasonal campers is $1,600+tax. There is a $100 security deposit for first year contracts.  Current seasonal campers pay the annual rate that they have paid in the past.  Your electricity is metered.  You receive a utility bill monthly, which includes your electricity and a small charge for water.  This bill can be found in your site mailbox which is located outside of the office door. 

Q: Who takes care of my spot?

A: You are responsible for mowing and upkeep of your site.  Outback does not mow around your campsite due to liabilities of your personal belongings. 

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Seasonal campers become an extended family and their camper becomes a "home away from home".  After your initial fee all you need to pay is the electric and water that you use.  Seasonal campers can tell you how stress free camping becomes when you leave your camper in one spot for the whole season.  You can "decorate" your campsite how you like so when you are here it feels like a vacation spot.  Weekend or Weekday, come and stay when you want without hauling your camper and the hassle of setting up camp!